Board of Directors

The impact a cancer diagnosis can have on those around a person is shown no better than in the makeup of the Board of Directors of the DAM-Cancer Foundation. The stories below will point out that cancer affects everybody the individual comes to know in his life, including family, friends, families of friends, and others whom the individual encounters through work, sports, and everyday life.

Anna Maddan


Our son, David, wanted to establish a foundation to assist other young adults battling cancer and to find innovative, targeted, and thus, less lethal cancer therapies. When he passed away unexpectedly before he could accomplish this goal, his friends, Tessa and the Colich family, as well as our family, knew the only way to honor him and his inspirational fight against cancer was to establish the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation in order to do all we could to make sure that other young adults had the opportunity to triumph over cancer.

Tessa Colich

Board Member

Tessa Colich is a co-founder and current board member of the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation. Tessa has been on the board since 2008 and also served as President from 2010-2013. Tessa met David in San Francisco through mutual friends and saw first hand with Dave the struggle that many young adults encountered daily as they battled cancer. Since it was David’s goal to help young adults and provide them with the support that his loved ones and family provided him, Tessa has helped carry on the dream and make it a reality. Outside of her work with the Foundation, Tessa has worked in the high tech industry for over ten years in the San Francisco Bay area and has been involved in leadership roles at various non-profits organizations for the last 20 years.

Matthew Wheeler

Co-founder & Treasurer

Matt Wheeler is the Treasurer of the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation and has been a Board Member since its inception in 2008. A former swimming teammate of “Pooh” during his four years at UCSB, Matt is proud to help keep Dave’s vision alive of creating a foundation to provide financial assistance to young adults whose lives have been impacted so drastically by cancer. Aside from his work with the Foundation Matt is a licensed CPA in California and is the Managing Partner of LMGW Certified Public Accountants, LLP based in Silicon Valley.

Janine Colich

Vice President and Golf Tournament Chair

My daughter, Tessa, was the love of Dave’s life, and in getting to know Dave, we learned about his hopes, dreams, and goals. After Dave passed away, we all knew that something had to be done. This phenomenal young man did not die in vain. I had been involved in different forms of volunteer work for over 30 years and upon hearing of David’s mission to help other young adult cancer victims, I took that experience and our family joined in with Dave’s family to create this Foundation.

Susan Williams


I met David in 2005 when he started coaching both of my children at Crow Canyon Country Club. His interest in my children and our family was a special gift he gave to all of us. During his illness our swim team rallied behind him and raised money to help him with his treatments. As a result of this, David saw the need to pay it forward and the DAM-Cancer foundation was born. I am honored to be a board member of David's Foundation and continuing his mission to help others.

Natalie Coughlin Hall

Honorary Board Member

I was friends with Dave since our times as age group swimmers in the Northern California area. I became even better friends with him through my husband who went to college with Dave and also coached with him. Dave was one of the most gregarious, boisterous, full-of-life people I have ever met. This foundation is a beautiful way to honor such an amazing person.

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