300 Grants and Counting

Dear Friends,

DAM-CANCER has given more than 300 grants for living expenses to young adult cancer patients fighting the disease. The dream of David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan to help this demographic at the most vulnerable time in their lives is being fulfilled. There is no more frightening time in the life of a young adult than to be diagnosed with life-threatening cancer and realize that you do not have sufficient financial resources to pay your monthly living expenses. The stress of cancer treatment is enough, but to know you cannot pay for your rent, food, prescriptions, and medical insurance is an almost unbearable burden. Often a young adult cancer patient even lacks sufficient funds for transportation to their medical treatments.

The donations and contributions from you, our donors and supporters, are relieving some of this burden from our recipients, thus, making it possible for them to complete their cancer treatments. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your assistance, as do these grateful cancer patients!

We receive applications every week from all over the country from young adults who are battling cancer but cannot continue the fight without additional financial support. Please continue to assist us in our mission to ensure that as many young adult cancer patients as possible have a chance to live. We encourage you to give yearly, monthly or quarterly, since young adult cancer patients need assistance the entire year. Please consider an automatic monthly donation from your checking account or ask your company if they will match your contribution.

Remember we are an all–volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization and that your contributions are 100% tax deductible. We have virtually no overhead and minimal expenses. Please see our revised website to review where your donations go at www.DAM-Cancer.org.

USC Clinical Trial of a New Drug for the Treatment of Sarcoma Receives Funding

The USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center has received $100,000 to fund a clinical trial of a new drug for the treatment of sarcoma, with an emphasis on osteosarcoma.

The gift comes from a foundation established in memory of David Andrew Maddan, who battled osteosarcoma for three years before his death in 2008. During that time, Maddan told his parents he wanted to establish a nonprofit organization to assist other young adults with cancer.

To fulfill his dream, his friends and family established the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation, which also uses the name DAM-CANCER Foundation. It provides grants to young adult cancer patients struggling with the cost of living expenses during their treatments.

Read the full article here.

Our New Logo

As the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation has grown, more people are hearing about us and have come up with acronyms for every day use. In response to this and to make it apparent that this Foundation focuses on cancer, we have incorporated David’s initials in to a new logo:

Our name has not changed, but we think the new logo at first glance reveals what we are about – eradicating cancer. Plus, it is easier to remember and to write on forms and checks. We hope you like it!

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