Personal Fundraisers

Individual Fundraisers for the benefit of the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation:

Since July of 2009, several individuals and groups have held fundraisers to benefit the DAM-Cancer Foundation.  The Foundation wants to express its sincere appreciation to each and every one of them and to recognize those individuals that are helping us realize David’s dream of eradicating cancer and helping young adult cancer patients survive.

If you are interested in holding your own individual fundraiser for the Foundation, please contact Kathleen Maddan-Blackmore at

Shop at Amazon and Support DAM-CANCER

Shop at Amazon and support DAM-CANCER! Purchase items through Amazon Smile and the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items to DAM-CANCER when you designate The David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation as your charity of choice. There is no cap on how much Amazon will donate to the Foundation. Just visit Amazon Smile to sign in and make your purchases earn funds for DAM-CANCER.

Remember, every little bit helps the Foundation get closer to David’s dream of eradicating cancer.

The Croatian American Women’s Club of Los Angeles

The Croatian American Women’s Club of Los Angeles held their Second Annual Casino Night and Silent Auction. The group voted to donate proceeds from the evening to two organizations, one of which was DAM-Cancer! In addition to having a fun evening, and with the generosity of its attendees, the Club donated $4,000 to DAM-Cancer. We extend our sincerest gratitude to this wonderful group of women!

Crow Canyon Aquatics

The Crow Canyon Aquatics 3rd Annual Charity Poker Night was held on February 27, 2016 at the Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville, CA as a fundraiser for DAM-Cancer! There were approximately 90 players at the blackjack tables, while the other 30 attendees were enjoying wine tasting, music by DJ Skycopter and a silent auction. The fundraiser was held in honor of the late Crow Canyon swim coach, Dave Maddan. A special expression of gratitude goes out to the CCCC Aquatics for the donation!!! The 4th Annual Charity Poker Night is being planned, so look for details near the end of the year

First Quarterly Donation

FINIS, Inc., the swimming technology company, makes a contribution to DAM-CANCER every quarter, donating a percentage of its sales of the Aqua Pulse and the pink snorkel. We appreciate FINIS!

Crow Canyon Sea Lions

Once again the Crow Canyon Sea Lions held a triathlon at the end of the swim season and donated the funds raised to DAM-Cancer. Thank you, Sea Lions!

Second Annual David “Pooh” Maddan Memorial Swim Meet

The Rohnert Park Piranhas held the Second Annual David “Pooh” Maddan Memorial Short Course Distance Invitational Meet in November and donated funds raised to DAM-CANCER. Awesome, Piranhas!

Second Annual Fun Swim Meet

In May 2015 the University Club of Palo Alto under the leadership of Aquatics Director, Matt Schubert, sponsored the 2nd Annual “Fun” Swim Meet, which raised more than $2,000 for the Foundation. Even some Masters Swimmers participated in the fun swim events. Thank you Matt!

Second Annual Poker Night

In February 2015 approximately 150 people attended the Crow Canyon Aquatics 2nd Annual Charity Poker Night benefitting the DAM-Cancer Foundation. The successful event included poker, wine tasting, a silent auction and dancing with DJ Skycopter. Crow Canyon Aquatics donated $3,500 to the Foundation in memory of Swim Coach Dave “Pooh” Maddan. Plans are already being made for next year’s poker night, and you are invited to join in the fun. Hats off to Crow Canyon Aquatics!

First Annual Palo Alto Swim Meet

The University Club of Palo Alto Swim Team and Aquatic Director and Coach, Matt Schubert, sponsored a swim meet with all proceeds benefitting the Foundation. On May 10, 2014, the meet had a similar format to a previous one, with swimmers participating in “fun events”. Over 140 swimmers participated.

First Annual Poker Night

On March 5, 2014, Crow Canyon Country Club’s swim teams, the Sea Lions and Sharks, held their inaugural Poker Night. It was a great evening with over 100 participants who enjoyed dinner, wine tasting, a silent auction, and even playing a little poker. The winner of the evening was the DAM-Cancer Foundation, which received a donation of $3,750. Special thanks went to Shawn O’Connell for being the chief organizer, and to Ethan Hall, Matt Struempf, Dan Cottam and Miranda Schneider for their continued support of the Foundation, as well as all the families who participated in this special evening.

Sea Lions Swim Team Fundraiser

The Crow Canyon Sea Lions held another Poohstrong fundraiser and are already in the midst of planning their next event! Thank you, Sea Lions!

San Francisco Happy Hour at Neighborhood Bar

Nicole Colich organized a well-attended Happy Hour at a neighborhood bar in San Francisco that donated of portion of the evening’s sales to the Foundation. Way to go, Nicole!

Bowling Night at UC Davis

Jamie Cook, a former Crow Canyon swimmer, and his fraternity at UC Davis hosted a Bowling Night for their philanthropy project and donated all the funds raised to DAM-CANCER!

Sea Lions Team Up with Sports Basement

The Crow Canyon Sea Lions Swim Team picked the DAM-CANCER FOUDNATION as their choice of charity in a partnership with Sports Basement in Walnut Creek. The Sport Basement donates 10% of proceeds from all purchases by Sea Lions. Thanks Sea Lions!

Mary’s Pizza Shack 2nd Annual Dine and Donate

Once again in 2010, Amelia (Millie) Brenner organized the 2nd annual Dine and Donate fundraiser at Mary’s Pizza Shack in Rohnert Park. The restaurant plans to hold a donation dinner as an annual fundraiser for the Foundation. Thank you, Millie, for making it happen!

2010 Crow Canyon Sharks Swim-a-thon

The Crow Canyon Sharks (USS Swim Team) held their second annual swim-a-thon fundraiser for the swim team and donated a portion of the proceeds to the Foundation.  They were able to double their 2009 donation.  Way to go Sharks!

Mystery Machine Benefit Concert

After a ten year hiatus, the Mystery Machine came back and put on an amazing benefit concert!  Jake Bunch, Jeff Lupo, and Mo Sardella reunited to play as they did during their school years in Santa Barbara.  Proceeds from the concert went to the foundation.  Thanks to all who came to support the cause!

Swim Clinic with Olympian Natalie Coughlin

Dan Cottam and Ethan Hall, coaches of the Crow Canyon Sharks, and Olympian Swimmer Natalie Coughlin, held a Swim Clinic at Crow Canyon in May.  More than 50 swimmers participated in the one-day clinic, and all the proceeds of the clinic were donated to the Foundation.  A special thanks to Natalie, Dan and Ethan!

Red Deer Marathon

Kathleen Maddan-Blackmore, David’s sister who lives in Edmonton, Canada, ran a marathon as fundraiser for the Foundation in May in honor of her brother. In Kathleen’s letter requesting donations for the marathon for the Foundation, she wrote:  “Each day has been a difficult one since David, otherwise known as Pooh Bear, has been gone, and each day I think about him and how I can keep his memory alive.  It took me a couple of months, but I decided one of the best ways to do that was to challenge myself and honor him at the same time.  I have decided to run a marathon as a tribute to David.  My marathon is now known as the DAM (David Andrew Maddan) Marathon.  In my training over the past three months for this event, I have had a lot of time to think about what David had gone through.  Even on those days when it was -30F, I knew that I needed to keep going because I know David, who was so full of life, had kept going even when he wanted to stop.”

She continued saying, “David had to endure his own marathon with cancer, which was nothing less than trying, grueling, and unbearable at times.  Pooh lived quite an incredible life, being a positive influence on countless people, and he still had so much more he wanted to accomplish after he was finished with cancer.  He wanted to begin a foundation that would make a difference in lives of young people who were going through the same situation.” A round of applause for Kathleen!

Mary’s Pizza Shack Donation Night

Amelia (Millie) Brenner organized a donation night at Mary’ Pizza in Rohnert Park and raised over $1,800-  the largest donation night ever.  The restaurant now wants to hold a donation dinner as an annual fundraiser for the Foundation. Thank you, Millie, for making it happen!

San Francisco Marathon

Kris Arneson, who said she was inspired by Pooh, ran her first marathon, the San Francisco Marathon, on July 25th.  She wrote in her letter requesting donations for her for the Foundation that she wanted to run a marathon in Pooh’s name so that he would know, “that the way he lived his life made a difference to me and that I will never forget his courage or his optimism.”
Let’s hear it for Kris!

Vineman–Ironman Qualifier

Sarah Gibson competed in the Vineman in Sonoma County on August 1st as a fundraiser for the Foundation, although she had been battling a nasty flu.  After the triathlon, Sarah shared the following:  “The most moving part of my race was my jersey.  The front said ‘Tri for POOH” (David’s nickname was pooh-bear) and the back said ‘Fighting Cancer for David’.  People sometimes laughed when they read the front, but soon people were yelling Go POOH!!  Do it for David!’  All over Sonoma County people yelled out, ‘Tri for POOH!” and “Fight for David”.  I know in some wonderful way that makes the legacy of a true Ironman, David Maddan, carry on.” Thank you Sarah, a true Ironman!

Escape to Alcatraz Triathlon

Millie Brenner excelled in the Escape to Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco as a fundraiser for the Foundation on September 13th.  Millie wrote in her letter requesting donations for the Foundation that, “There ‘s always going to be that person in your life that will walk with you through the hard times and the good times, teach you and show you new things in life.  That person will show you how to enjoy life as it is and live it to the fullest.  That person will show you that you can conquer anything you put your mind to and bear the unbearable!  Pooh was that person for me……No one will ever fill your spot, Pooh…as my ‘brother’, my friend, my “roomie”, my mentor and all my laughs!  No words can express how much you, Pooh, have impacted my life!  I miss you, and I love you sooo much Pooh Bear!”
Congratulations, Millie!

2009 Crow Canyon Sharks Swim-a-thon

The Crow Canyon Sharks (USS Swim Team) held a swim-a-thon fundraiser for the swim team in April and donated a portion of the proceeds to the Foundation. Way to go Sharks!

Williams Family Holds First Fundraiser

Dillon Williams and the Williams Family hosted the very first individual fundraiser benefitting DAM-Cancer in the spring of 2009. Dillon selected the fundraiser for his 8th grade community service project, because both he and his sister, Devon, had been coached by David “Pooh” Maddan at the Crow Canyon Sea Lions. The Williams Family explained that, “There is not a day that goes by that our family does not think about and miss Dave. We thank all of you for creating this Foundation and allowing all of us to put our sorrow to great use.” Hooray for Dillon and the whole Williams Family!

FINIS, Inc. Continues to Raise Funds for DAM-CANCER

The David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation wishes to pay a special tribute to one of its most ardent supporters, FINIS, Inc., the swimming technology company, and to John Mix, President of FINIS. David had worked in sales at FINIS, located in Livermore, California.

When the Foundation was formed, FINIS wanted to do its part to help keep Dave’s legacy alive. At that time, FINIS was designing the cutting edge Aqua Pulse Heart Monitor. Mr. Mix advised the Foundation that he planned to dedicate the Aqua Pulse to the memory of David when the heart monitor was released. A portion of all Aqua Pulse sales is donated to DAM-Cancer, as well as a portion of all ales of FINIS’s Pink Snorkel. In addition, FINIS supports the DAM-Cancer Golf Classic each year by donating swimming technology equipment and apparel to the Silent Auction.
Although a photograph of Dave hangs in the FINIS headquarters in his memory, FINIS honors his legacy most by its continuing contributions to the Foundation. The Board of Directors of the DAM-CANCER Foundation expresses its sincere appreciation to FINIS for its spirit of generosity and for helping make David’s dream a reality.

Celebrate the new season at A Fall Fête

Enjoy cocktails in the garden, a silent auction, sparkling entertainment from ETC, an elegant dinner, and stunning sunset views from a historic Peninsula home overlooking the ocean.

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