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DAM-Cancer is pleased to announce that it has given more than 270 grants to young adult cancer patients in the fight of their lives! The word has spread throughout the country about the work that DAM-Cancer is doing, and we now have recipients in 16 states. THANK YOU, DAM-Cancer supporters who have made this possible!!! Your donations make it possible for these young adult cancer patients to live, and they all truly appreciate it.

There is nothing more horrific for a young person to hear than a cancer diagnosis. There is nothing more stressful for the patient to see than the bills mounting up that cannot be paid because the young adult is unable to work and no longer has the resources to pay them. DAM-Cancer is that safety net to assist these young adults as they progress through their treatments. We support these struggling young adults with grants for food, transportation to medical treatments, temporary housing costs, medical insurance premiums, co-pays for medical and pharmacy expenses, etc.

We need your continued contributions to fulfill our mission and the dream of David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan to assist these young adult cancer patients, the most financially vulnerable of all the cancer age groups. We receive more applications each and every day. The daily needs of these patients do not end, so we encourage you to give yearly, monthly or quarterly so DAM-Cancer can keep meeting the needs of these young people. Please consider an automatic donation from your checking account or ask your company if they will match your contribution.

Please remember that we are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization and that your contributions are 100% tax deductible. We have virtually no overhead and only minimal expenses.

Are you a young adult with cancer, ages 18 through 35, who needs financial assistance while you undergo your treatment? Do you know a young adult cancer patient who needs help? Please have the patient contact amaddan@dam-cancer.org for an application. All applications are kept strictly confidential.

Recipient Letters

Foundation grant recipient, Wendy Muller, who was the guest speaker at the 2014 DAM-Cancer Golf Classic Dinner, recently expressed her gratitude once more to the Foundation

Wendy wrote, “When I was diagnosed with leukemia, millions of questions ran through my head. What will happen to me, what are my chances, how am I going to get through this? Unfortunately, the question, how can I afford this, came up many times. At a time when all my energy went into fighting cancer, I couldn’t afford to worry about finances. The Maddan Foundation’s generous donation lightened the load and eased my mind. I was able to move forward with my fight knowing I had people at my back cheering me on. I’ve been in remission for over 2 years and I count the amazing folks at the Maddan Foundation among my most honored supporters.”

Another former recipient who has cancer in remission and has become a DAM-Cancer supporter wrote in appreciation of the assistance he received from the Foundation:

“My name is Sydney Scheeler, and I feel blessed to say that the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation made such a monumental impact in my life. Upon my diagnosis, I was no longer able to attend school, or work, rendering me incapable of paying my bills, let alone filling my gas tank to get from one appointment to the next. My bills and financial obligations were not put on hold even though I was beginning the crucial fight for my life. And thankfully for me, just at a point where I was feeling that all hope was caving in, a foundation, The David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation, recognized my need and offered assistance in my time of desperation. I was touched that people who did not know me or my personal circumstance desired to help me through my trial, simply because of their compassion and ability. In my extreme moment of helplessness, I was able to know that I would be able to buy food, fill my gas tank and pay my bills; giving me one less thing to worry about in my pursuit of becoming healthy. Words aren’t enough to express how grateful I am to this Foundation and its donors who stood beside me and offered their support to me when my life most depended on it.”

The Foundation is excited to hear from former recipient Praveen Reddy that his cancer is in remission, he has returned to work, and in appreciation of our support has made his own donation to DAM Cancer. Praveen writes,

“I was 26 years old when I was diagnosed with Leukemia. My life took a sudden turn after I got the news from my doctor in 2009. I had to immediately stop working and undergo intensive chemotherapy. My treatment included 3-4 trips a week to the hospital and the side effects resulted in frequent hospitalizations for several weeks. I had to undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant eventually. While I was going through all the physical & emotional toll, I also had to face the financial burden as I did not qualify for the disability or social security benefits.

The Pooh Maddan foundation came forward to help me through my treatment and provided much needed financial support. I heart fully applaud the work that the foundation is doing to help cancer patients. I wish them the very best and hope they will be able to support more patients in future.”

Grateful recipient, Chad, wrote:

“…It is a humbling thing to find one’s self unable to not only survive physically at this age, but also to financially incur such tremendous bills just to exist..I as the patient cannot understand the loss you have experienced, but on this side of things, to see such a love that remains for your loved one, is a beautiful experience. I pray that in my life I may impact people as David has and does through his example of strength and courage.”

25 year old Brian tells his story:

25 year old Brian writes, “In my battle against cancer I have come up against many obstacles. A lot of the obvious ones were medically related like chemo, radiation, an unrelated bone marrow transplant, medication, and double hip and shoulder replacements. The other obstacles are the ones most people don’t see, such as, everyday bills, buying clothes, food, gas, insurance, having a phone to keep in touch with friends and family, and activities that keep you busy. At the time of my cancer diagnosis, I was an independent and poor college student. In a blink of my eye, my life changed forever. I began the fight for my life in the batter against cancer. I qualify for the bare minimum financial assistance from social security and disability. It is impossible for a person to survive on disability alone. Thanks to the financial help and assistance of the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation my financial burdens are less, and my stress level is lower. Knowing that the “Pooh” Foundation is on my side in the battle against cancer is a great feeling. Thank you “Pooh” Maddan Foundation for you continued support and generosity.”

Among the additional expressions of appreciation offered by other Foundation recipients:

“Dear DAM-Cancer Foundation, I can’t thank you enough for all of the financial help. It’s wonderful to know that there really are angels among us.”

” I cannot thank you enough for the support you are giving me. I truly appreciate it as well as my family. Your foundation is so special and will have lasting effects on families for a very long time.”

“I personally can’t thank you enough for your help. It’s people like yourselves who help others in need of a foundation such as this.”

Ryan Stevens, a grant recipient this past year, was grateful for the DAM-Cancer Foundation grant he received. Ryan was a high school teacher and coach when he was diagnosed with cancer. He expressed his appreciation to the Foundation:

“I am very grateful to have received a grant from the Pooh foundation. It was just over one year ago, that I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. I’ve been unable to work this whole year during my fight. I have a wife and 4 young children and your support made a difference! Thank you!”

Former Recipient Letters

Former recipient, Ryan Stevens, was a young high school teacher and wrestling coach with four small children when he was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. Ryan remarked that he had been a good friend of David Maddan when they were in high school. He shared his experience with cancer with the dinner attendees.

Ryan expressed his gratitude as follows: “I am standing here today because of miracles and prayers. I am very grateful for the DAM-Cancer Foundation. The donation that you assisted my family with was such a blessing….. I would like to thank you for helping to bless the lives of others by easing some of their worries…..I would like to thank all those who help in this very good cause. Please continue to support the DAM-Cancer Foundation.””

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